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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Five new API methods

We’ve added the following five API/web service methods to improve our transactional email capabilities. All were requested by prospects evaluating JangoMail. Do you have a request for an API method that would make your developer’s life easier? Let us know by filling out our Support form. Click each method name to use its corresponding test […]

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New Report: Complaint Rate Dashboard

JangoMail and JangoSMTP users have always been able to see the complaint rate for an individual broadcast campaign or for an individual transactional email group. However, it was difficult to see complaint rate history over time, and in aggregate across different types of email campaigns (transactional, autoresponders, recurring campaigns, single-shot broadcast campaigns). With our new […]

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Your Company Logo in your JangoMail Surveys

JangoMail now has support for adding your company logo to surveys that you create through our website using the Surveys tab. Adding your logo to your surveys is a great idea, not only because it makes it clear who is conducting the survey, but it also builds on your branding by putting your image in […]

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V-Day Email Tips to Enflame Customer Passions

Nothing inflames the passions like a well-written love letter. That’s why for this Valentine’s Day I thought I’d offer some tips on how you can take the same basic tenets of love letter writing to create email campaigns that will really get your customer and prospect hearts beating! 1. The sheer appearance of a love […]

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Two New Reports in our New User Interface

Those users that have switched to our new no-frames interface now have a new report to enjoy — two new detailed Sending Progress reports. The first shows how many emails are still pending, and which JangoMail sending server they have been assigned to, and the second shows how many emails have been sent per hour […]

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Two bug fixes in SMTP relay service

We’ve just deployed two fixes to the JangoSMTP transactional email service: 1. Previously, lines in an email message that begin with a single period would result in two periods when delivered to the recipient. This was a bug related to how SMTP treats the escaping of periods. This is now fixed. 2. Previously, if an […]

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