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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Test Out Our New Survey Tool

We just launched the first ever Silverlight-based Survey Design Tool. You can now design and publish email survey invites through the JangoMail interface and view your survey results for each individual participant. Set Up Instructions 1. Click on the new Surveys tab. If you don’t have Microsoft’s Silverlight Platform installed, you will be prompted to […]

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Test our new no-frames interface

Our new no-frames user interface is ready to be tested. To switch to the no-frames interface, login to your account and click the “Switch to No-Frames” link. You can always switch back to the old frames interface if you want to later. Below is the first screen of the new interface: Along with the absence […]

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Error handling for the SMTP Relay Service

Overview: We’ve launched a new error handling system for the SMTP relay system. There are a number of reasons why a message sent through the SMTP relay may result in an error. For example: 1. If the recipient address is on your account’s bounce list, then a “bounce” error will be thrown.2. If the recipient […]

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Eight Steps to Optimize Email Deliverability Using JangoMail

Overview:Email deliverability is a key concern for most email marketers, and at JangoMail, we think we do a pretty good job of ensuring the highest possible inbox placement of our clients’ emails. JangoMail is a highly customizable platform, from sending speeds, to email headers, to SMTP protocol level customizations. Taking advantage of certain settings and […]

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How we scaled up the JangoSMTP service to accommodate the ING New York City Marathon

Overview of the New York City Marathon and its Email Alerts It was a sunny mid-September day when my head of sales informed me that the systems integrator for the 2009 New York City Marathon was looking at our SMTP service for the delivery of alert emails on runners during the marathon. Given that our […]

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New API Method for Template-Driven Transactional Emails

Overview  Marketers can now create and edit Transactional Email Templates on the Send Email Page and without the help of their IT team. To enable this, we launched a new API method: SendTransactionalEmailFromTemplate. Instead of passing the full details of the email message using the regular SendTransactionalEmail method, you can now simply pass the email Campaign […]

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