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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Official Launch of, Our Stand-Alone SMTP Relay Service

We have just launched, a new stand-alone SMTP relay service and the first designed for email marketers. Why use it?JangoSMTP is the first SMTP relay service to offer open and click tracking. It also comes with a variety of features that contribute to its extreme deliverability:  DomainKeys/DKIM Signing SPF/SenderID Authentication Sender Score Certification Feedback Loops […]

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New API Method: AddTransactionalGroup

We just released a new API method for the JangoMail API which allows you to add a Transactional Group to your account: *AddTransactionalGroup  Adds a new Transactional Group to your account. Returns a string. We also recently released 3 other transactional email API methods. These methods allow you to retrieve opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, and complaint […]

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New Design: Features Page

JangoMail has a very comprehensive feature list and we’ve been working on a way to organize it so that it’s easy to navigate. We want to make sure that our current and prospective customers are able to identify all of our capabilities and can easily find all of the information and tutorials we have on each […]

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Two SMTP Service Bug Fixes

Tonight we’ve deployed two bug fixes to the SMTP relay service: Previously, emails sent with very long Subject lines, such that the Subject line folded onto the next line, were improperly processed, and this could result in headers being visible in the email body. This is now fixed. Previously, emails sent with very long From […]

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