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Monthly Archives: August 2009

New Video Tutorial: Configuring Gmail with the JangoMail SMTP Relay

We have a new Video Tutorial on how to configure Gmail with the JangoMail SMTP Relay Service:Video: How to Configure Gmail with the JangoMail SMTP Relay The JangoMail SMTP Relay improves your sending capabilities by providing the following features for your person-to-person emails: Open Tracking Click Tracking DomainKeys/DKIM Signing Easy web-based access to SMTP Logs […]

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Data Center Move Part 2: The Planning

There were several components to my planning of the data center move: Connectivity / IP Addresses – We’d be getting a whole new set of IP addresses, so I had to map the old IPs to the new IPs. And, in order for the domains to map to the new IPs as soon as we […]

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Data Center Move Part 1: Why I did it

This past Saturday night, we did what I hope we only have to do every 5 or more years – we switched data centers. We had to physically move all of JangoMail’s servers out of one data center and into another, while minimizing the impact to our customers. JangoMail was offline during the entire move, […]

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Behind the scenes of our SMTP Service

The last couple of days have been a challenging and learning experience for the team in charge of our SMTP Relay service. As the volume of email that passes through the relay grows, so do the problems associated with performance and scaleability. The first version of the relay service operated in a single-threaded linear fashion. […]

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You Can Now Use JangoMail’s SMTP Relay with Gmail

Gmail allows users to use a custom From Address to send emails, but some recipients would see both the From Address and the Gmail Sender Address. Messages would appear to recipients as “From On Behalf Of”. Gmail announced last week that users can now send with their custom domain through their company’s email […]

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