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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Non IE browsers will no longer be able to switch to Simple HTML Editor

JangoMail provides two different HTML editors for composing email campaigns: the Simple HTML Editor and the Enhanced HTML Editor. The Simple HTML Editor was the editor we first provided when JangoMail was created, and it only works with Internet Explorer. In 2004, we introduced the option of a much more powerful Enhanced HTML Editor that […]

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New behavior for “Forced Recipients” option

JangoMail allows users to specify up to ten email addresses in a “Forced Recipients” box under My Options. Using this option forces JangoMail to send a copy of every email campaign sent through the account to the addresses specified here. Previously, these addresses would get filtered out of a campaign if these addresses were also […]

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Group Importer Enhanced

We have deployed a fix to the JangoMail Group Importer that allows the record delimiter to appear in between a pair of text qualifiers, and for all data to be properly imported. For example, if in an uploaded import file, the record delimiter is the “newline” character and the field delimiter is a “comma”, and […]

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New layout for “Send Email” page coming this weekend

After years of adding new features to the main Send Email page of JangoMail, a new design has arrived to make using these features easier. We will be deploying the new Send Email page this weekend. Attached to this email message is a GIF screenshot of the new layout, showing the re-designed “Advanced Options” section. […]

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Group Imports now support foreign languages

You can now import foreign characters into Groups using the “Import Members” function. Previously, foreign characters imported into Group fields would be garbled. But now, foreign characters are properly stored in Group fields. Below is a screenshot where data, including Chinese and Arabic characters, will be imported into the Group “Customers”: In this example, the […]

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Bug Fix: CAN SPAM Footer now supports foreign characters

Today we fixed a bug that was preventing foreign characters in the CAN SPAM Footer from being displayed properly. Now, if you include foreign characters in any of the fields under My Options –> CAN-SPAM Footer, those foreign characters will display properly at the bottom of your email campaigns.

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