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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Bug Fix For Inadvertent AOL Bounces

Bounces tend to come with the territory when sending out mass emails. But an unusual problem with AOL’s bounce reporting methods was causing some JangoMail users to find their own email addresses on their campaign bounce lists. After detecting that an email address has been blocked one of their users, AOL typically alerts the sender […]

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Subject Field Filter Added to Reporting Interface for Transactional Emails

JangoMail users taking advantage of our new SendTransactionalEmail API method can now filter their transactional emails by Subject, in addition to by Group ID, Group Name, Recipients, and the date when the email was Created. A drop-down menu allows users to choose from three Subject filtering options: starts with, ends with and contains.

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Updates to JangoMail’s Connect to Local Database Control

JangoMail has made three important updates to its Connect to Local Database ActiveX control: 1. Previously, in order to connect to an Excel database, the program required that the Excel document include a minimum of two rows of data. This issue has been resolved and the program can now accommodate Excel documents which include only […]

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Forward-to-a-Friend Form Now Available in Finnish

Inserting a “Forward-to-a-Friend” (FTF) link in your company newsletter and other e-marketing materials is a simple and cost-effective list-building technique that allows your email recipients to play an active role in your company’s e-marketing efforts. Clicking on an FTF link brings an email recipient to a new URL where he or she is then prompted […]

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New Feature: Block-Resistant Embedded Images

For years now, finding a way to keep email clients from blocking images in HTML emails has been the Holy Grail of email marketing. No matter which way you approached the problem, the result was nearly always the same: an annoying red x placeholder where your company logo or the picture of your hottest new […]

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