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Monthly Archives: December 2008

JangoMail Tip: Random Selection of Members

Giving a few subject lines a try before a big mailing? You need a quick and easy way to send to only a random sampling of your list. JangoMail supports this need, whether you are querying your database directly (Extract from My Database) or selecting members from Groups stored within JangoMail. The key is to […]

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Users calling API method SendMassEmail for single recipient campaigns now auto-converted to SendTransactionalEmail

The following email message was sent out this evening to users calling SendMassEmail to send out a large number of single-recipient email messages: ——————- Today we made a change to your account involving how your email campaigns to single recipients are sent via the API. You are currently calling our API method SendMassEmail in succession […]

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New API Method – SendTransactionalEmail

JangoMail now has a method designed to help API users who are sending multiple emails to single recipients more smoothly. SendTransactionalEmail is designed for users who have JangoMail running as the engine behind their applications that send individually triggered messages to single recipients. The new method allows for rapid processing of these single emails, while […]

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Bug Fix: Member Counts Returned to Main Groups Page

After completing some recent enhancements to the Groups section, JangoMail once again shows counts of Group members on the main Groups landing page. Groups will initially show as “Counting” while this process takes place, and will display their respective counts as the tallies come in from the database.

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Update to Image Library: Host TXT, PPT, and PPS Files

Your JangoMail Image Library will now accept 3 additional file types for upload. Now you can upload files with .TXT, .PPT, and .PPS extensions for hosting with JangoMail. Once stored, you may create links in your messages that reference the hosted files much as you would a PDF or other non-image file. JPG and GIF […]

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Site Enhancement: New Features Page

Curious about everything JangoMail can do? Want to see videos demonstrating our features? We’ve just updated our main Features page with a more comprehensive list of our capabilities, video demonstrations, and enhanced pop-ups. Make sure you stop by and ask us about anything you’d like to try:

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