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Monthly Archives: September 2008

New Feature: Creating Multiple Logins for Your Account

JangoMail users now have the option to create alternate login credentials (username and password) for their accounts. Creating additional logins will allow additional people access to the same account. Creating additional logins does NOT create new JangoMail accounts, and all logins have the same permissions as the main username/password on an account. You may find […]

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Enhancement to Reporting: Filter by CampaignID

We have now expanded the General Job Statistics Report’s filtering abilities, making it easier for you to locate a specific email campaign. Now, you can use the CampaignID filter to locate specific jobs quickly by searching for the campaign’s unique numeric identifier.

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Bug Fix: Foreign Characters and Personalization

We have now deployed fixes for two bugs related to handling foreign characters in personalization. Using the API for “on the fly” personalization Using our ability to do “on the fly” personalization with the API in the SendMassEmail method, we were not properly encoding personalization when it involved a non-English character set. With this correction, […]

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