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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Update to ASP script file for web servers

This notice applies to you if you use JangoMail’s “Connect to Internet Web Site Database” feature to pull email address data in real-time from your web site’s database. We’ve updated the web server script file that is used to allow JangoMail to connect to your web / database platform. This update applies to those customers […]

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Feature Update: Link JangoMail to Multiple Salesforce Accounts

We have expanded our Salesforce integration so that you can now connect one JangoMail account to multiple Salesforce accounts. Now, if you have multiple Sales Agents that use their own Salesforce accounts, they can all use the same JangoMail account for sending. How do you set this up? From inside Salesforce, click the “JangoMail” tab. […]

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Image Library Now Accepts .MOV Files

JangoMail has expanded the Image Library so that you can now upload Quicktime .MOV files. Once stored, you may create links in your messages that reference the hosted files much as you would a PDF or other non-image file. JPG and GIF files remain the only image file types that are recognized by the HTML […]

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Bug Fix: JangoMail for Salesforce Personalization Fields

JangoMail has corrected field misalignment that was occurring when sending to campaigns with members from both leads and contacts. The error resulted in problems with personalization fields not properly matching during sending. This is now fixed. As a result of the change we have made, some personalization syntax has changed slightly. Before, when you pulled […]

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New Feature: Pre-Process Campaigns Now

You can now choose to have your campaigns pre-process messages scheduled to be sent at a later date when you click on Send E-mail, allowing this task to process in advance and speed later sending. Every JangoMail campaign starts with “pre-processing,” the period where the system creates your final recipient list and assigning your campaign […]

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Security Update: Enhanced Action Logging

JangoMail’s internal activity logs now record the paths taken by clients as they work within the JangoMail application. This record of page views both enhances security and aids your JangoMail Support team. If you suspect that an unauthorized person (former employee, unauthorized employee, etc.) has been accessing your account, it will be easier to track. […]

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