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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Visual Metrics Now in Click Tracking

JangoMail’s latest enhancement to Super Reporting adds greater visibility to your Click Tracking metrics. With our new Visual Overlay Option, you can see your tracking results visually superimposed on top of your sent message. (click to see full size image ) At a glance, you can now see your message and exactly how each link […]

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Open and Click Tracking Now Capture IP

JangoMail has enhanced the raw data captured along with both Open and Click Tracking features. Effective 5/19/2008, your raw data reports will show the IP address from which the recipient opened or clicked his/her message. This is how Opens will look in Reporting: This is how Clicks will appear in Reporting:

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Historical Tracking Now Available for Group Members

Want to know what you’ve sent to a particular recipient recently? Have they opened or clicked links in your messages? With our new Historical Tracking feature, you can now see your activity history for an individual address stored in a JangoMail Group. To pull up the history go to Groups and E-mail Addresses and select […]

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API enhancement allows sending email campaign with on-the-fly personalization data

We have enhanced the “Send” API methods to allow you to pass in on-the-fly personalization data, along with email addresses. Therefore you can now send a personalized email campaign in one single method call without sending to a JangoMail Group. Traditionally, when using the API to send a personalized email campaign, you would have to […]

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