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Monthly Archives: April 2008

New Features for Mass Email Initiations

Tonight we have added a slew of enhancements to our Mass Email Initiation feature. This is the feature that allows you to send an email campaign to one or more Groups by composing and sending your email message from an outside email program, like Outlook, GMail, or even a Blackberry. New enhancements to this feature […]

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New Super Reporting Features

On Friday, we launched a few Super Reporting enhancements. They include: 1. Numbers now have commas in them, when greater than 3 digits. 2. The Filter box at the top of each report will now clearly indicate when a Filter is in effect. This will eliminate confusion when only certain rows of the Report are […]

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We have released the first part of our integration, a section within JangoMail that allows you to pull in your Leads/Contacts in real-time from your account, and then send an email campaign to your Leads/Contacts, or a subset of Leads/Contacts. To use this feature, your account must allow API access. Enterprise […]

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Feature Enhancement: Web database connections now support HTTPS

When configuring JangoMail to connect to a web site’s database, the connection to the customer’s web server can now be done over the secure HTTPS protocol rather than the HTTP protocol. Previously, only the HTTP protocol was supported, and to ensure security, a private key encrypted database information passed to the customer’s web server, and […]

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New Feature: Click Tracking Enhancement

Tonight, we have enhanced the Click Tracking feature. Click Tracking now allows you to pass campaign and recipient-personalization variables through to your destination URL. You can choose to append personalization variables to the destinatinon URL by going to My Options –> Click Tracking. Below is a screenshot: Here’s an example. If your e-mail campaign links […]

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Open Tracking Bug Fix

We have modified the 1-pixel open-tracking GIF image so that it is transparent instead of white. A customer using a colored-background HTML e-mail campaign informed us that he could see the white 1-pixel “dot” used to track opens at the bottom of his email campaign. Therefore, we have modified the 1-pixel “dot” to be a […]

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New Feature: Set your own notification preferences

You can now control which JangoMail email notifications you receive, setting individual preferences for: Sending Complete notifications Import Complete notifications Scrub Complete notifications To set your notification preferences, go to My Options –> Notifications. Below is a screenshot:

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