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Monthly Archives: March 2008

New Security Feature

Today we have introduced a new security feature which will alert the account holder in cases where attempts to gain unauthorized access to a JangoMail account are being made. JangoMail will notify the account holder if more than 5 failed login attempts are made within a 30 minute period. In such cases, the account holder […]

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New Reporting Enhancements

Today, we have launched several reporting enhancements, including: The ability to set a local Time Zone, and have all Reporting date/times be localized to your time zone. The only exception is the timestamps that appear in SMTP log files, which will always be on GMT time. The ability to turn the AJAX screen refresh feature […]

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Improvements to Google Analytics Integration

You can now customize the four variables used with our Google Analytics integration. The four variables that Google Analytics expects are: utm_source (previously set to “JangoMail”)utm_medium (previously set to “Email”)utm_content (previously set to recipient’s email address)utm_campaign (previously set to campaign Subject followed by campaign ID number) Previously, these four variables would be set for you […]

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