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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Encouraging the use of DomainKeys

To help ensure optimal deliverability to Yahoo! addresses, we are strongly encouraging all clients who use a From Address to ensure that their email messages are signed with DomainKeys. If you send from your address, your messages are already DomainKeys signed. If you send from your own email address, then you need to […]

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JangoMail sets up Comcast Feedback Loop

JangoMail has joined the Comcast Feedback Loop as of this afternoon. Now any users that report e-mailings from JangoMail as spam, will automatically have their e-mail addresses placed on the specific customer account’s unsubscribe list. This will improve JangoMail’s overall reputation with and deliverability to e-mail addresses!

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“View as a Web Page” now supports personalization

Many customers have asked for this recently. Now, when you insert a “View as a web page” link into your HTML e-mails, if you’re using personalization syntax within the HTML e-mail, that personalization will now properly render in the web page. Previously, the “View as a web page” feature did not show personalization and instead […]

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New Bounce Handling Rules

We have enhanced the way JangoMail handles bounces to improve overall system deliverability. Many of the top ISPs like Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, GMail, and others have recently mandated that if an e-mail address bounces even once indicating that the mailbox doesn’t exist, email marketers should cease mailing to that e-mail address immediately in order to […]

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