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Monthly Archives: November 2007

New Feature: Blocking sign-up form spam by specifying an Exclusive Referrer URL

In the past, we outlined a method to block sign-up form spam by changing the encoding type of your sign-up form. That method may be found here. This method will not work, however, in cases where the spambot isn’t coming through your web site’s form but rather by avoiding a form alltogether and programatically doing […]

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New Feature: Generating a Plain Text Message Automatically at Run-Time

You can now have JangoMail automatically generate a Plain Text version of your e-mail message, based on your HTML version, at the time the email message is sent (run-time). To do this, set your Plain Text message to the word “auto-generate“. There has always been the “Set Plain Text Automatically” button underneath the Plain Text […]

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Feature Enhancement: Using wildcards when filtering a Group based on clicks

When filtering a Group by those that have clicked on a particular URL, you can now use wildcards in the URL. For example, in the Advanced Filter Mode, the filter criteria based on a clicked URL would normally look like: emailaddress in (##clicked- but now you can filter for anyone that has clicked on any […]

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Bug Fix: Sending a Campaign where Recipient Group has been DELETED

We have fixed a bug tonight that caused a campaign to completely fail if one of the recipient Groups had been deleted between the time of creating the campaign and the time of campaign sending. NOW, if a campaign includes a Group that has been deleted, the campaign will still send to all other present […]

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New Feature: Large Text Fields in Groups

When managing fields in your Groups, you now have the ability to create a special type of field which allows for storage of a large amount of text data. Previously: Fields in Groups could store a maximum of 8,000 characters The total amount of personalization amongst all fields within any single e-mail campaign could not […]

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