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Monthly Archives: December 2006

How to stop signup form spam

Several clients have recently reported that they are getting a lot of fake information submitted to their JangoMail Group signup forms on their web sites. These automatic submissions are done by web form robots. For more information about this problem, Google "form spam". We have come up with a solution that will eliminate most signup […]

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A note about sending personalized attachments

Customers wishing to send mass personalized attachments to their recipients should now use the Add Attachment 6 field on the Send Email page as opposed to the primary Add Attachment 1 field. Only Add Attachment 6 supports the personalized attachments feature.

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New Feature: Force Recipients for Quality Control

We have added a new feature which allows you to have all mass e-mail messages sent from your account to be also sent automatically to up to TEN pre-determined e-mail addresses. Large organizations that have many users using JangoMail can use this method as a quality control measure, since it will allow one to see […]

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