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Monthly Archives: November 2005

Reminder – JangoMail will now add a CAN-SPAM footer if not already present

If you haven’t already asked for an exemption from this policy, your JangoMail account is now set to add a CAN-SPAM compliant footer to your outbound mass e-mails if the system detects that your e-mails do not already have one. A few specific points: 1. You can control your invididual CAN-SPAM footer settings under My […]

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Import a file of unsubscribes

You can now import a large file of unsubscribes into your account’s unsubscribe list. Previously, you were limited to copying/pasting addresses into your unsubscribe list if you were bringing in data from another e-mail system. To import a file of unsubscribes, first create a Group under “Groups and E-mail Addresses” and then import the file […]

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JangoMail Password Reminder

Have you ever forgotten your username and password and had to contact our support team for assistance? You can now recover your username/password on your own with the Password Reminder page. Simply click the small question mark (?) next to the Login button or go directly to

Read More has whitelisted JangoMail

After applying for whitelisting with (China’s largest e-mail provider), today has agreed to whitelist our entire farm of SMTP e-mail sending servers.

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Changed filter to trap Earthlink Challenge/Response e-mails

For a while, challenge/response e-mails generated by Earthlink were being filtered as “regular replies” by JangoMail rather than “challenge response” e-mails. We have now modified our filter so that these e-mails are once again categorized as “challenge response” e-mails.

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