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10 Tips to Choose an Email Provider

JangoMail's 10 tips to choose an email provider.


10 Things to Look for When Selecting an Email Service Provider

1. How easy is it to get started?

How easy will it be for your team to get started using the service with the resources you have on hand? Will there be someone on the ESP side to walk you through the set up process and make sure it’s done properly before you start sending?

2. Reporting features

What kind of reporting is offered? The ESP should offer a wide variety of reports that allow you to track deliverability, open and click through rates.

3. CAN-SPAM compliance

It’s important that the ESP you choose makes all users comply with the CAN SPAM act. The best Email service providers will provide tools that make this compliance easy for you.

4. Free Trial

Many email service providers offer free trials and these let you test out the features before enrolling in a plan.

5. No Contracts

You should be able to switch or cancel plans without too much of a headache if they are not providing you with the service you need.

6. Ease of importing lists

You probably already have an email list file with lots of information that you would like to bring with you. This should be hassle free.

7. Delivery Features

It’s important that the ESP you choose offers monitoring features and feedback loops that make sure your email marketing messages are being delivered to your customer’s inbox.

8. IP Addresses

It’s important to understand how the ESP assigns IP addresses. The IP address you are sending from

9. Composing Features

Does the ESP have a WYSIWYG editor, pre-designed templates and the ability to drop in your own HTML code?

10. Sending Features

It’s important to be able to schedule emails ahead of time, the time they will send and manage the process either through a user interface or a remote connection.

10 Tips to Choose an Email Provider.

These ten tips are designed to help you choose an email service provider. They are ten features to keep in mind during your search and should be considered when going through the search process. Signing up for a free trial and sending emails is a good way to see if the email service provider you're considering is a good choice.